Our Approach

We are passionate about effective therapies

Our team of speech pathologists are passionate about delivering effective evidence based therapies to clients of small TALK speech therapy.

We believe that children are individuals and therefore the approach and intervention strategies used vary for each client. A mixture of play based therapy (such as Hanen and Connect therapy), structured therapy (such as Applied Behaviour Analysis, RMIA) and functional communication therapy (PECS, AAC) are used by our therapists.

Our clinic is well known for providing a structured learning environment for children on the Autism Spectrum using principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

More about ABA

All of our speech pathologists have been trained in Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

The principles of ABA that our team apply maximise each and every minute of the session to ensure both the child and family receive the maximum gain from intervention.

What is ABA?

“Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA) is not a therapy in itself, but a theory, a set of principles upon which some therapies are based. The theory identifies various teaching techniques that generally involve breaking down complex skills (or behaviours) into smaller steps and teaching them through the use of clear instructions, rewards and repetition.

Who is it for?

As ABA mimics the way all children learn the teaching techniques can be used for any child.

ABA is especially effective with children with autism.

What is it used for?

The ABA approach and its techniques can help children with ASD learn new ways of interacting with others, improve academically and use the skills they learn in different settings – at home, school and in the community. It can also help children learn to replace difficult behaviour with more appropriate behaviour, such as using words to ask for an object rather than screaming. For example, the skills children learn might include using words and language, following instructions, taking turns, playing with others, toileting and dressing.”

(The raising children network, 2013)


Newcastle ABA programs are available through Pathways ABA and  Youth Matters