My child has Autism

Our team have a special interest in working with Autistic children. We demonstrate this by our commitment to integrating the principles of the evidence based approach, ABA (Applied Behaviour Analysis) in a positive behaviour support model, into our everyday practice in speech pathology.

We can help your child become a more competent communicator by:

  • Helping them become verbal communicators by utilising our therapy skills in the areas of Connect therapy, ABA, RMIA, Hanen More than Words and It Takes Two to Talk, Attention Autism,  DTT and PRT,
  • Setting up a communication system for them (including low tech and high tech AAC options, LAMP, Proloquo2Go, PODD, Aacorn, Grid 3, Compass. Why use AAC? Watch this video 
  • Improve their attention span
  • Build stronger language skills
  • Minimize non functional behaviours
  • Teach them to engage with others and enjoy learning new skills

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Does my child have Autism?

If you have concerns that your child may be Autistic it’s best to listen to your instincts and seek out professionals who can work through the process with you.

If you are looking for a supportive team of professionals to help you navigate and explore a diagnosis of Autism for your child we can help. We partner with the team at SeeChange Therapy to assist families going through the diagnositic process. Our Speech Pathologists collaborate with Emily Lewis, Psychologist at SeeChange Therapy, during the Autism Diagnostic Assessment process. The assessment is undertaken by Emily at SeeChange and our speech pathologists consult with her during the process to ensure a child’s communication strengths and difficulties are considered during the process.

SeeChange Therapy and Small TALK collaboration