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Social Communication-What does it mean?

Social communication is the broad term that describes how we use communication (both verbal and non-verbal) in social situations. In its most basic sense it

Stay at Home Activities

Families all over the world are adjusting to life in isolation during the COVID Pandemic. With many parents now working from home there is a

5 Tips for Timers

We love using timers at small TALK to help keep kids (and ourselves) on track. There are many benefits for using timers with your kids

AAC Myths: Busted

In the world of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) there are lots of myths about its limitations and barriers. Here we’ll look at 7 of

ISAAC 2018 – what you need to know

ISAAC 2018 – top take homes and resources from the conference Our therapist, Bec Shelton, was lucky enough to attend the International Society for Augmentative

Building Language through Book Reading

Many parents understand the importance of book reading each day with their child but… 📚 What happens if your child doesn’t like books? 📖 How

Are toys taking over your home?

Are you ready for the mayhem of Christmas? Are you ready for the stampede of toys that will rush into your home? With school holiday’s

AAC Options: Everyone has something to say

People with communication difficulties may feel frustrated, angry or even embarrassed when they try to communicate their needs, ideas, and opinions. Imagine if nothing you said was

Kids in the Kitchen

Do your kids get involved in the cooking? How great would it be if your kids could cook you dinner!? Or make you an afternoon

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