Small TALK speech therapy

Our team of energetic speech pathologists love helping children find their voice by:

  • Improving your child’s pronunciation of words (so you do less interpreting)
  • Helping you teach your child their first words
  • Developing your child’s attention skills and building a love of learning to prepare them for school
  • Setting up an ‘alternative’ voice (such as iPad communication, PECs, visuals, sign language, PODD, LAMP) so your child can express themselves while developing their verbal skills. 
  • Helping your child learn to listen to instructions to make them more independent in everyday activities. 
  • Building social skills so your child can develop and maintain friendships. 

We would love to help your child develop these abilities, contact with us here to chat with our team.

We help children find their voice 

so they can connect with others in their world. 


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Understanding your challenges

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Supporting your family holistically

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Nurturing your child’s strengths

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Hope for a bright future