Frequently Asked Questions

No you don’t need a referral, you can self refer. Just contact us and we can walk you through the process. 

We often refer children to have their hearing assessed when they are late talkers, their speech is difficult to understand or when the child is having trouble following instructions. You do not need a referral to see an Audiologist. 

You can refer to our milestones handouts as a general overview of what to expect at different ages. If you have concerns follow your instincts and get a professional opinion. 

There are many reasons a toddler might be delayed with their first words. We can help you determine what’s going on and help your with strategies to support their communication development at home.

You can read more here 

At Small TALK we are passionate about helping children find their voice. We are skilled in helping: 

Children who are late talkers

Children who are non-speaking or minimally speaking

Neurodivergent children to develop peer relationships and maximise their learning in the classroom. 

Yes we are an NDIS approved speech pathologist. We can provide supports for early intervention and therapeutic supports as well as communication and information technology.

Our special interest and skills are helping children and teens aged 1-2yrs up to the age of 18yrs.

Once young people haven completed schooling they are referred onto adult services who can assist with post school options and supports. 

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