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Our speech therapy services for children

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Initial Consultations

Our team value your child as an individual and take the time to understand your child and family. We send detailed paperwork prior to your appointment to ensure we can make the most of our time together. Your speech pathologist will spend some time playing with your child and getting to know them and observing their communication. Families are encouraged to share their concerns and goals so we can answer your questions. At the conclusion of the consultation your speech pathologist will make a recommendation for assessment, therapy or external supports. 

If you are not sure whether your child needs speech pathology supports then an initial consultation is a great way to get some advice. After the session you will be provided with a letter that you can use to seek funding from your GP or early intervention partner.  

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Small TALK speech therapy offer a wide range of assessment packages which are typically 1-1.5 hours in duration. Assessments are vital to gain a clear picture of your child’s communication skills and determine where they need further support. Assessments are often necessary to obtain funding for your child’s ongoing therapy. 

Small TALK is well known for our thorough assessments and reports which have been indispensable for our clients in securing funding and sharing each child’s support needs with their education team and allied health professionals. A thorough assessment can make a big difference to the effectiveness of therapy and ensures the goals chosen are well rounded and cover all areas of need. 

Services » Speech therapy Newcastle

Service Planning Meeting

At Small TALK we work closely with families to set and monitor goals that are functional for the child and family. 

Setting and reviewing goals is an important step in the therapy process and that’s why we have service planning meetings.

During a service planning meeting we discuss your goals and collect baseline ratings in order to track progress. We discuss and agree on a therapy schedule that will work for your family and help achieve your goals. We will also complete a service agreement during this meeting and review the terms of service provision. 

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Your speech pathologist will learn about your family and work with you to set goals that will help your child communicate and connect with others around them.

Therapy sessions at small TALK are fun and always goal focussed. 

After each therapy session we send you a written summary of your child’s goals, their progress and practise suggestions.

We are passionate about therapy crossing the borders of the clinic into the everyday lives of our clients and sharing these notes is highly beneficial for teachers, support staff and allied health professionals on your child’s team. 

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Out of Clinic Sessions

If your child needs support in their education setting our Speech Pathologist’s can see your child at their local early education centre or school.

Our team at Small TALK speech therapy are passionate about helping every child find their voice. Our team are experienced in using a range of AAC tools that can be of benefit to children who are non-speaking, children who are difficult to understand and children who may have trouble expressing themselves when overwhelmed. Our speech pathologists use a range of light tech and high tech AAC and trial a range of options to see what suits your child best. 

Our team at Small TALK speech therapy are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the community, other professionals and families. 

As well as writing regular blogs, email newsletters and staying connected with our families on social media we enjoy holding a range of workshops.

We deliver workshops or In-Services online or at your childcare centre, school, clinic or community setting.

Telehealth Online Services

Our Speech Pathologists are skilled at using technology to engage with kids. We can provide services straight to your home via video link, anywhere in Australia.

We have found that many families and children like this service option as it saves travel time and kids love to see us on the screen. We play games with a focus on skill building so it keeps your child motivated and connected during their session. 

Services » Speech therapy Newcastle

Visual Supports and Resources

We are passionate about providing supports in the child’s environment that build their autonomy and extend their participation. We have a range of visual support packages available in our SHOP that can be downloaded or hand made for your family, school or education setting.

We can also create customised visual supports for your child. 

NDIS funds can be used to purchase these resources.

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Small TALK offers a high quality service with comprehensive therapy programs and reports.

Our fees are based on the NDIS price guide of $193.99 per hour. 

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