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Workshops, In-Services and Webinars

Our team at Small TALK speech therapy are passionate about sharing our knowledge with the community, other professionals and families.

As well as writing regular blogs, email newsletters and staying connected with our families on social media we enjoy holding a range of workshops.

We deliver workshops or In-Services online or at your childcare centre, school, clinic or community setting.

Some of our most popular topics are listed below. We are also happy to hear topic suggestions from you and would love to create somthing customised for your workplace. 

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Speech Pathology and School Readiness

Is your preschool having a parent information evening for those transitioning to school?

We can come along and share what skills are important for big school and suggest some strategies to help with the transition.

15-20 minute talk

a range of communication options are displayed with the quote Just because I can't talk doesn't mean I have nothing to say"

All about AAC! What is AAC and how can we support our clients/students

Is your allied health service or education setting looking for some information on AAC?

We can provide an online webinar or in service presentation unpacking all things AAC and share some basic strategies that you can use to support your AAC users.

We will cover common misconceptions about AAC, types of AAC, the research on AAC, how AAC supports communication and what you can do to support those you are working with.

Child talking with speech errors

Speech and Language Milestones for preschoolers

This presentation includes an overview of what communication looks like at different ages and stages.

This can be customised to your setting within the age range of 1-5yrs and explores may areas of communication development such as listening, social skills, expressive language and speech sound development.

Using visuals in the home or preschool

If you would like to setup visuals in your service or home and are not sure where to start we can offer a webinar or in-service to help you understand more about visuals.

We can share with you the types of visuals, tips for setting up visuals, how to use visuals with kids and what communication skills are supported when using visuals.

educator helping children

How to support early communication development in childcare settings

If you are working in an early education environment and not sure how best to support the children to develop their communication skills we can offer a webinar or in-service to share some tips.

By developing an understanding of early communication skills and learning a few simple strategies your team of educators will be supporting children incidentally and naturally during interactions every day.

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