Meet and Greet
The 3 small TALK bears

Initial Consultation

Our team value your child as an individual and take the time to understand your child. Your speech pathologist will build rapport with your child. gather developmental history and discuss  your family goals.

At the conclusion of the consultation your speech pathologist will discuss her assessment recommendations.

How can we help?


Small TALK speech therapy offer a wide range of assessment packages which are typically 1-1.5 hours in duration. Assessments are vital to gain a clear picture of your child’s communication skills and develop  your child’s individualised therapy program.

Therapy with Miss S


Your speech pathologist will chat with you about the long term and short term goals set for your child’s individual therapy program.

Therapy sessions at small TALK are structured, fun and always goal focussed.

A written therapy program is provided at every therapy session. Your written therapy program includes resources to use at home, practice ideas and activities as well as documentation of your child’s progress.