Token Board

Token boards are a visual representation of the reinforcer/reward that will be offered when work or a non-preferred task is completed.

When the child collects 4 tokens they can then have their chosen reward/activity. This includes a printable and digital token board with instructions.



Tokens are given when the child is engaging in preferred behaviours. Let’s say for example your child is completing their Maths homework. Give them a token when you observe them sitting and attending well, concentrating on the problems and writing a response. Give verbal praise when sticking on the token such as “Great work, you look so focussed.”

Token boards can be used for ANYTHING, which is one of the reason’s they are so useful.

Here are just a few examples:

  • Encouraging a child to complete their homework
  • Encouraging a child to use a speech sound
  • Encouraging a child to stay on topic in conversation
  • Encouraging a child to follow instructions
  • Encouraging a child to sit in a chair for dinner
  • Encouraging a child to identify objects


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