Allied Health Assistant

Bridget joins our paediatric speech pathology practice as an Allied Health Assistant, bringing with her a vibrant mix of expertise and enthusiasm. Currently advancing through her third year as a Speech Pathology student at The University of Newcastle, Bridget has honed her skills over four years of teaching music to children aged 4-18. Her passion for working with children and families shines through in her ability to set goals, create engaging plans, and foster growth, using games, activities, and a positive, fun approach. With a keen interest in all areas of Speech Pathology, particularly in supporting children and their families, she is eager to bring her educational strategies into the world of speech therapy. Bridget is also looking forward to expanding her skill set by completing training in keyword sign. When she’s not immersed in her studies or work, Bridget enjoys cultivating her garden, singing, and playing the piano, activities that reflect her creative and nurturing spirit.

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