Kharyn, the welcoming face at the reception of Small TALK, brings nearly 8 years of experience in paediatric administrative roles. Her expertise in managing a diverse range of tasks, from assisting clients with appointments and funding to handling diary management for colleagues, makes her an invaluable asset to the team.

Kharyn’s role extends beyond the typical duties of a receptionist; she thrives on interacting with a diverse range of people, families, and children. Her ability to ease the day-to-day challenges of clients and colleagues alike is a testament to her dedication and empathetic nature. The joy she finds in having a chat and sharing a laugh with everyone who walks through the door creates a warm and welcoming atmosphere at Small TALK.

Outside of work, Kharyn enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends, particularly her granddaughter. She finds solace in walking by the water or the beach, immersing herself in books, and exploring everything spiritual. Her home is a haven filled with crystals and the soothing scents of diffusers, reflecting her nurturing and peaceful personality.

As someone new to the world of speech pathology, Kharyn is committed to continuous learning. She actively listens to conversations around the office, participates in lunchtime discussions, and engages in professional development days. Her willingness to learn and adapt to the dynamic environment of speech pathology enhances her ability to support the team and clients at Small TALK. Kharyn’s presence at the front desk is not just about administrative efficiency; it’s about creating a welcoming, supportive environment for everyone who visits.

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