Siobhan Kelly

Speech Pathologist

Siobhan, an early career Speech Pathologist at Small TALK, holds a degree in Speech Pathology from The University of Newcastle, along with a Bachelor of Communication, majoring in Media Production, 2016. Prior to her transition into speech pathology, she gained valuable experience in media production, and in 2023, she further developed her skills as an Allied Health Assistant at Small TALK and a literacy tutor at Rip it Up Reading. Siobhan has extensive training and experience in Key Word Sign having completed Level 1, 2, and 3 Key Word Signing Workshops.

Motivated by a desire to work in a supportive and caring environment, Siobhan made the significant career shift to speech pathology. She has a special interest in Neurodiversity affirming practice and literacy supports. This interest is underpinned by her final research project on gestalt language processing, showcasing her commitment to understanding diverse communication styles. She prioritises the importance of understanding the whole child, encompassing their culture, neurotype, and speech/language abilities. Siobhan is dedicated to continuous learning and professional development. She regularly listens to speech pathology podcasts, follows educational social media pages, and subscribes to informative resources such as The Informed SLP.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Siobhan is passionate about sewing and knitting, often creating and repairing her own clothes. She also enjoys outdoor adventures in her personally decked-out van, using it for camping and surfing.

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