5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season

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The Christmas season is a special time for teaching valuable lessons to our children, especially the importance of kindness and giving. In the midst of the festive hustle and bustle, small daily acts of kindness can have a big impact.

Here are five quick and easy ways to encourage kindness in your children during this festive season.

1.  Share the Joy of Small Gestures

5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season »

Encourage your kids to perform small acts of kindness daily. This could be helping a sibling with a task, sharing a toy with a friend, opening the door for mum, or helping set the table for dinner.  We often do small things for our kids, like opening the door for them or putting on their shoes. Point these out by praising the other parent in front of your child, for instance, saying, “Dad has cooked us a yummy dinner tonight.” These small gestures are the building blocks of a kinder future and teach our kids to recognize and appreciate acts of kindness in everyday life.

2. Thinking of Others

5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season »

Nurture empathy by encouraging your kids to think of others. You could help your child send a message, photo, drawing, note, or letter to a family member or friend to let them know they’re thinking of them. You could teach your child what it means to give someone a compliment and help them practise what they might say to a friend the next day. You can involve your child in the gift buying process during December, give them a budget and a person to shop for and then watch their joy as they give their gift and see the smile it brings.  These actions teach them the value of considering and appreciating others.

3. Gratitude Rituals

5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season »

Incorporate a daily gratitude ritual at bedtime or during dinner. Encourage your child to share something they’re grateful for each day.

A simple question like, “What made you happy today?” or “Who made you feel special today and why?” can prompt meaningful reflections.

This practice not only fosters a positive outlook but also helps children appreciate the good in their lives and the kindness of others around them.

4. The Power of ‘Thank You’

5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season »

Teaching children the importance of saying “thank you” involves more than just words. It’s about understanding and acknowledging the effort behind each kind gesture. For example, when enjoying a meal, encourage your child to think about and thank not just the cook, but also the person who bought the food, the shopkeeper who sold it, and the farmers who grew it. This helps them appreciate the chain of efforts that contribute to their daily comforts. Encouraging children to think beyond the immediate and consider the broader picture helps them recognize and appreciate the multitude of contributions that make up their everyday experiences, fostering a deeper and more meaningful practice of gratitude.

5. Kindness Gnome Adventure

5 Easy Ways to Instill Kindness in Kids During the Christmas Season »

To make learning about kindness even more exciting, discover our Christmas Kindness Gnome Activity Pack. This engaging and interactive downloadable resource is designed to help children explore acts of kindness in a fun way, perfect for the holiday season. This unique resource is designed to keep children engaged and excited about performing daily acts of kindness. Inside, you’ll find printable cards that outline fun and thoughtful kindness challenges tailored for each day. These challenges not only keep the Christmas spirit alive but also actively engage kids in understanding and practicing kindness in a joyful and meaningful way.

Our pack includes a charming printable Kindness Gnome, complete with posing ideas, to bring a magical touch to your home or preschool. Imagine the delight on your children’s faces when they discover the gnome performing kind gestures each morning! To kickstart this adventure, the pack also contains a special gnome introduction letter, setting the stage for a month filled with kindness and learning.


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