Child concerns

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My child has Literacy Difficulties

Does your child struggle with reading? Are they understanding written language? Does your child have trouble with writing and spelling? Do you feel your neurodivergent

My child is Neurodivergent

Neurodiverse Affirming Practise Our team of speech pathologist’s are passionate about learning from the neurodivergent voices in the community. We do this regularly by engaging

toddler pointing

My toddler isn’t talking yet

Is your toddler crying, pointing and grunting to get what he wants? Does your toddler use less than 50 words? Does your toddler have trouble

My child uses AAC

Small Talk are well known for our skills and expertise in supporting children using AAC to build their communication skills and relationships. Our speech pathologists

My child has trouble listening

“It’s like it goes in one ear and out the other”. “My child has trouble remembering and following instructions”. “My child just doesn’t ‘get’ the

My child is difficult to understand

My child has trouble pronouncing sounds in words. My child says “t” for “k”. My child has a lisp. My child has trouble with “l”

My toddler is not talking yet…

How do I teach him some words? So your beautiful little baby has grown into an adorable toddler. You’ve been playing the guessing game of

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