My child has Literacy Difficulties

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Does your child struggle with reading?

Are they understanding written language?

Does your child have trouble with writing and spelling?

Do you feel your neurodivergent or non-speaking child’s literacy is not prioritised in their education program?

Our speech pathologists can help identify any language based reason’s for your child’s literacy difficulties.

Children who have difficulty with their spoken communication often have difficulties in their reading and writing.

Similarly children with speech sound errors and phonological awareness difficulties can have delayed literacy skills. Many others simply take longer to grasp written language despite being competent in spoken language.

Once we have a clear picture of what the difficulties are for your child we can then match them with the interventions best positioned to help with those skills.

Our written language assessment investigates your child’s reading, spelling, writing and comprehension. We work with your child’s teacher and school staff to ensure their literacy program meets the child’s needs which results in maximal progress.

We are passionate about helping minimally verbal children and AAC users develop their literacy skills using the Four Blocks approach (D. Koppenhaven & K. Ericson)

Our team are trained in Sounds-Write and Four Blocks Literacy for children with disabilities

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