Telehealth Speech Therapy for Children

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What is Telehealth?

Telehealth means that a health service is provided using telecommunication technology (e.g. computer, tablet, phone). At Small TALK Speech Therapy, our Speech Pathologists are skilled at using technology to engage with kids.

We can provide telehealth speech therapy services straight to your home via video link, anywhere in Australia.

Telehealth Speech Therapy for Children »

Is Telehealth Suitable for My Child?

We have found that many families and children like this service option as it saves travel time and kids love to see us on the screen. We play games with a focus on skill building so it keeps your child motivated and connected during their session. 

A wide range of our clients use Telehealth.

We support parents to learn early language strategies for their toddlers who are late talkers.

School aged children who have busy after-school schedules can use Telehealth sessions to boost their speech, language and literacy skills, both at home after-school and during school hours with the support of a teacher.

High school aged children can gain support with friendships, self-identity and relationship skills by engaging with their therapist using Telehealth.

Telehealth is also a fantastic option for those who live out of the Newcastle area who need access to quality speech therapy for their child.

We are able to engage in speech therapy online with clients anywhere in Australia – all that is needed is access to an Internet connection!

Telehealth Speech Therapy for Children »

Why Would I Choose Telehealth?

There are many benefits to choosing Telehealth appointments. Apart from the convenience of not needing to travel and finding a carpark, we find that many clients have excellent focus and attention when using technology in sessions.

Our therapists use fun and engaging games on the screen.

Children gain valuable skills such as asking for clarification, asking permission, explaining, giving instructions and sharing information about their everyday life while using the Telehealth platform.

Telehealth Speech Therapy for Children »

Interested in Telehealth speech therapy for your child?

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