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Blog » Group Therapy

Talking About Group Therapy

Here at Small TALK we love being able to offer an array of group therapy programs. Group therapy can play a significant part in a

Blog » Group Therapy

Autism Inspirations

April is Autism Awareness Month Instead of educating the community about the challenges of people on the autism spectrum we wanted to shed some light

Blog » Group Therapy

AAC Myths: Busted

In the world of Augmentative and Alternative Communication (AAC) there are lots of myths about its limitations and barriers. Here we’ll look at 7 of

Blog » Group Therapy

Shedding Light on Speech Pathologists

For many families, having concerns about your child’s talking can be the start of a journey to enhance your child’s communication skills with the help

Blog » Group Therapy

ISAAC 2018 – what you need to know

ISAAC 2018 – top take homes and resources from the conference Our therapist, Bec Shelton, was lucky enough to attend the International Society for Augmentative

Blog » Group Therapy

We love books!

At Small TALK, we love books and we love reading! Did you know – Reading to your child for 15 minutes each day will provide

Blog » Group Therapy

For the Love of Literacy

This months blog is a mixed bag on all things literacy. We talk about early literacy skills, reading and writing disabilities, and why it is

Blog » Group Therapy

Will you play with me?

What’s so important about play? Play isn’t just great for occupying kids so that you can get the chores done. It’s really important for child

school kids thumbs up

Making Motivation

Finding motivation (for your child) a little hard to come by? Tips to find the ‘drive’ to get the most out of your speech therapy!

Blog » Group Therapy

Are toys taking over your home?

Are you ready for the mayhem of Christmas? Are you ready for the stampede of toys that will rush into your home? With school holiday’s

Blog » Group Therapy

Using Puppet Play to Promote Language

Puppets are a classic toy, loved by both children and adults. Whether your child uses ‘traditional’ puppets, or ‘digital’ (app-based) puppets, there are many language

Blog » Group Therapy

Playing Games with AAC

Bec Shelton, Speech Pathologist, shares her top tips for getting the most out of AAC in play. When first starting out with AAC, it can

Blog » Group Therapy

AAC Options: Everyone has something to say

People with communication difficulties may feel frustrated, angry or even embarrassed when they try to communicate their needs, ideas, and opinions. Imagine if nothing you said was

Blog » Group Therapy

My toddler is not talking yet…

How do I teach him some words? So your beautiful little baby has grown into an adorable toddler. You’ve been playing the guessing game of

Blog » Group Therapy

Our Top 5 Language Apps Under $5

Apps are a fun and interactive way to build language, but with over 2 million apps available in the iTunes store alone, it can sometimes

Blog » Group Therapy

Kids in the Kitchen

Do your kids get involved in the cooking? How great would it be if your kids could cook you dinner!? Or make you an afternoon

Blog » Group Therapy

Wet Weather Activities

With the wind and chill of winter officially upon us, and the school holidays almost completely rained out, you may be finding yourself trapped in

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